Kicking Off the New Year with Chapman University’s Interterm Travel Course

What better way to kick off the new calendar year than by welcoming a new custom program to the Borromini Institute–the Chapman University 2024 Interterm Travel Course in Rome. This interdisciplinary group of ten students was led by Chapman University Professor and the Founding Director of the Ferrucci Institute for Italian Experience and Research, Dr. Federico Pacchioni. 

In Dr. Pacchioni’s own words about the two-week program, “Rome is the quintessential site for examining the evolution of various cultural phenomena across millennia, the structuring of political power, intertextual relationships in virtually all of the arts, the development of religion, the aesthetic exploration of place, and more. The Borromini Institute for Critical Field Studies is the ideal channel to design and realize memorable interdisciplinary learning experiences in the Capital. At Borromini Institute, I found a most reliable, knowledgeable, and resourceful team and accessed a wide network of high-caliber professionals and experts that enriched my original curricular plans beyond my expectations and positively enhanced the students’ learning.”

In addition to the students’ on-site classes, some other program highlights included an intercultural exchange in which Chapman students were paired with local Italian university students able to provide feedback and advice on the Chapman students’ Rome-based independent research. We look forward to seeing how the students will continue developing the research they began in Rome, and are confident they will carry forward the many valuable lessons and experience gained from studying abroad!