We believe in learning by doing!

Our Mission, vision and Values

The Borromini Institute recognizes the importance of local place and cultural knowledge and of cross-pollination of different perspectives and experiences. Common to all of our teaching is a methodology focused on engagement with local people and places. We create colloquia, or opportunities for students to listen to presentations with local experts and engage in wide ranging discussions and mutual dialogue. We also emphasize practica, or opportunities for our students to visit, observe, and discuss aspects of specific field sites with locals.

Stand out in a Changing World

We are looking for students that are eager to work towards becoming thoughtful citizens of the world of today and tomorrow.

Whether students choose to enroll directly in Borromini Institute’s spring, summer, fall or short programs or come with our partner universities, they will engage with the city and its residents on a daily basis. Studying with the Borromini Institute is an unforgettable adventure with the carefully calibrated aim of giving students the experience and credentials to stand out in a changing world. 

Students at Ostia Antica

Our Mission

Educating for climate

We share a commitment to educating future leaders, those who will address the broader global challenges of the climate crisis, to address global environmental challenges with open minds and hands-on experience. We have positioned ourselves to play a role in educating the generation which will address the broader global challenges of climate crises. 

A Space for Learning

We aim to provide a space for students to learn, grow, and critically analyze global challenges in order to create solutions for current and future human and global needs.

We are a group of educators from diverse backgrounds who believe in our students and their potential to understand — critically — the world we live in.  We provide our students with opportunities to engage the world at select field sites and we challenge them to become thoughtful citizens of the world of today and tomorrow.

Four areas of research and instruction interconnected by climate

4 Academic Clusters

Focused historically on food studies, still a central research interest for us, we are now widening our scope to include new disciplines (and Italian Language and Culture)

We’re looking for new partners to enrich our students’ experience.

If you share our passion for training the next generation to lead the post-carbon era, consider partnering with us on our academic clusters above in the capacities laid out below.