Rome. You will love learning here.

Why Study in Rome

Our students never forget the experience of studying in the heart of one of the world’s most spectacular cities. Surrounded by history and culture but also rubbing elbows with scholars, workers, and travellers from all over the world, nothing compares to your time here.

Your Place in the Eternal City

At our Rome headquarters we have modern classrooms, seminar rooms, a fine arts studio, library and media labs right in the heart of the old city, between Piazza Navona and St. Peter’s Basilica.

The Borromini Center

Piazza dell’Orologio, 7, Rome Italy


Our three classroom can host up to 40 students each. All rooms are multimedia ready.


Small but cozy, our library is the perfect spot for reading and focusing.


In between classes students chill out in out comfortable lounge space.

Art Studio

Our art studio is located at street level, ideal for workshops and exhibitions.

Rome, Europe and the Mediterranean

Rome, the eternal city, holds a profound historical significance and remains highly relevant in today’s world. As the capital of the ancient Roman Empire, Rome served as a vibrant center of culture, politics, and trade. Besides being the capital of both Italy and hosting the Vatican State within its city borders, Rome is home to international institutions like the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). These organizations play a vital role in addressing global challenges such as food security, sustainable agriculture, and rural development. Their presence in Rome reflects the city’s status as a global hub for research, policy-making, and collaborative efforts to tackle pressing issues that impact our food systems. Rome is the ideal location for students wishing to study sustainability and the challenges of the future.

Our Classroom is the Crossroads between Global North and South

Thanks to its location in the center of the Mediterranean, at the crossway of Europe, Africa and Asia, Rome stands at the meeting point of cultures, nationalities, and ideas, and it is as much a catalyst for change and growth today as it has been for millennia.

Rome’s temperate climate and location near but not on the coast make it an ideal laboratory to study climate resilience
As Open City Rome has a long history of fighting for social justice
Rome is looking to the future to lead Europe in its quest to reject unsustainable extractive economic models.

Critical Learning Opportunities in Rome

We offer Open-Enrollment Programs in Rome in Spring, Summer and Fall as well as occasional special short programs. In addition, we can customize a program catered to your institution’s focus as we already do for many to universities.
All of our programs include extensive site visits, specialized lectures, and service learning activities designed to provide maximum engagement between students, the settings and local citizens.