Open House Roma

It’s always a thrill to be in Rome when Open House comes around. This non-profit organization has been opening up special sites and properties to the public for over a decade and has become a true annual institution. A wide range of destinations, from tiny modern apartments to huge churches and archaeological sites make up the rich calendar.

X11 edition: 06-14 APRIL 2024

This year’s edition has more to choose from than ever. Some are openings of interesting experiments in urban regeneration, like the Portuense Studios. Others are private homes by up and coming designers or design studios of the same.

All of the major food aid organisations are opening their gates: FAO, WFP and IFAD can all be visited during the festival.

In addition to places there are events, walks, performances, happenings and a number of undefinable activities under the Open House umbrella.

Perhaps the most positive part of the program is that it reminds us of how rich Rome really is! Even if you don’t have time to attend any of the events during those days in April, flipping through the well-designed program may spur you to go off and visit a place you’ve never been. In fact, many of them are open regularly and only appear in Open House due to a special guided walk, a talk, or an installation. You can go to the cloister of San Pietro in Vincoli whenever you want, the Mosque is open to the public and for worship, the neighborhoods highlighted with their historic architecture and exciting street are are there all the time.

So visit the website, take notes on what you want to visit (you can’t do it all) and tell your friends.