Spring Newsletter is Out

We’ve just sent out our quarterly newsletter with updates on what’s on in Italy and especially around the Borromini Center in Rome. If you haven’t received it and would like to subscribe here’s where you can enter your email.

In the meantime, here are a few of the highlights.

Some Spring Semester Highlights

With nearly 100 students on our programs in Rome, the Borromini Center is buzzing 

Since January we’ve been hosting two groups of semester students from our historic partners Hobart and William Smith Colleges in upstate New York and the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. But we’ve also been honored with the presence of short faculty-led programs such as the one from Chapman University.

What have they been up to?

  • Exploring the city with an environmental eye, from its historic backstreets to its vibrant emerging neighborhoods in Prof. Tom Rankin’s course Sustainable Rome
  • Sampling Rome’s rich culinary heritage in our original academic cluster GustoLab
  • Creating cutting-edge media in Tech Media Design Lab with Prof. Kat Tan
  • Learning about Contemporary Italy with Prof. Fabio Benincasa
  • Discussing Urban Ethnography and Public Space with HWS Professor Ervin Kosta
  • Exciting academic Internships with our local partners
  • Italian Language instruction in the classroom and in the city

One day we are all biking along the Tiber riverfront or strolling in the shadows of ancient aqueducts, stopping to discuss the benefits — and challenges — of water in cities. Another day, a small group of students is welcomed into the Studium Urbis research center to learn from the esteemed Allan Ceen about mapping the changing city.

We visit local markets with our food experts, take a deep dive into the food history of Rome’s historic Jewish Ghetto, learn to cook from the amazing Chef Kaba at Mama Mediterraneum, and more.