Summer 2025

sustainable innovations in rome past and present

Study Abroad Program

Spend 8 Amazing Weeks Living and Learning in Rome this Summer!

If you are looking for a fun and fulfilling learning experience this summer in the heart of Italy’s capital while getting credit for your degree this program may be right for you.

Dates: May 23 – July 19, 2025 (8 weeks)
Housing in shared apartments
Learn at our study center in the heart of Rome
3 courses (10 credits toward your degree)
Academic Internships (included in fee)
Language: All courses are in English (+ Italian Language course)
Includes organized overnight trips to Tuscany, Abruzzo, and Italy’s southern coast. (required, included in fee)

Estimated cost: bottom of page


Borromini Institute’s Rome-based team has decades of experience managing academic programs in Italy in partnership with some of the best international institutions. As the local branch of the University of Illinois and Hobart and William Smith Colleges, and in collaboration with our school of record Portland State University, we are able to offer for-credit university courses in an engaging international context. We collaborate with top local experts to develop and teach specialty courses in cutting edge disciplines.


You’ll take three core courses for 10 credits toward your degree.


Program Advisor

Lindsay Maldari, Program Coordinator

Once you’ve applied for a program, we’re here to help you prepare to study abroad. As your direct point of contact, from housing to course registration and everything in between, Lindsay is ready to answer your questions.

Once you’re accepted to your program, Lindsay will continue to help with enrollment paperwork and predeparture preparation.

In Rome she will be joined by our student service staff who will be your main point of contact at the Borromini Center and accompany you on trips and class outings.

At every step of the way we are here to help you make the most of your your study abroad experience.

students posing near lake
There are so many cool places to visit within a short cheap train ride of Rome!

Some things to do in Rome

Visit the Pantheon, the world’s best-preserved ancient building, still in use today
Explore for free dozens of lesser known museums
Visit Parks. Did you know Rome is Europe’s greenest capital? 
Become a Roma (or Lazio) soccer (or football) fan
Attend an audience with the Pope at St. Peter’s Basilica
Get used to good, cheap coffee and wine at authentic haunts


In Rome, housing placements usually comprises shared apartments in two or three central locations in Rome. The apartments are fully furnished and fully functional.

The standard layout of the apartments consists of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living/dining room space. The bedrooms range from single bedrooms for one occupant (limited supply) to triple bedrooms.

Students are welcome to express preference of housemates but selection of apartments is made fairly and anonymously to ensure that all students are provided with comfortable living situations.

Your Place to Study in Rome

At our Rome headquarters we have modern classrooms, seminar rooms, a fine arts studio, library and media labs right in the heart of the old city, between Piazza Navona and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Our facilities have high-speed internet and a lounge where students can relax between classes.

Take a tour of Borromini Center

Unique and unlike other study abroad experiences. I learned the value of Italian culture and being immersed in a new environment I’ve become stronger and more independent. 

Siobhan Callahan

Rome, Europe and the Mediterranean

Rome, the eternal city, holds a profound historical significance and remains highly relevant in today’s world. As the heart of the ancient Roman Empire, Rome served as a vibrant center of culture, politics, and trade.
Today, in addition to being both the capital of modern Italy and hosting the Vatican State within its borders, Rome is home to international institutions like the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). These organizations play a vital role in addressing global challenges such as food security, sustainable agriculture, and rural development. Their presence in Rome reflects the city’s status as a global hub for research, policy-making, and collaborative efforts to tackle pressing issues that impact our food systems.

Rome is the ideal location for students wishing to train for careers in sustainability and prepare for their future challenges.

Our Classroom is the Crossroads between Global North and South

Thanks to its location in the center of the Mediterranean, at the crossway of Europe, Africa and Asia, Rome stands at the meeting point of cultures, nationalities, and ideas, and it is as much a catalyst for change and growth today as it has been for millennia.

Rome’s temperate climate and location near but not on the coast make it an ideal laboratory to study climate resilience
As Open City Rome has a long history of fighting for social justice
Rome is looking to the future to lead Europe in its quest to reject unsustainable extractive economic models.

Your Home in Rome

Our students never forget the experience of studying in the heart of one of the world’s most spectacular cities. Surrounded by history and culture but also rubbing elbows with scholars, workers, and travellers from all over the world, nothing compares to your time here.

Rome is one of the most dynamic and complex — and downright beautiful — cities in the world. Of course it is steeped in history but it doesn’t feel like a museum. You’ll get used to the relaxed, nonchalant juxtapositions.
Fashionably dressed businesswomen on vespas zip between the ruins to sustainable tech startups meetings over organic salads and pinot grigio.  Class in Rome often means walking in the shadow of an ancient aqueduct learning from a water expert what Rome can teaches, or going underground to see how the modern city makes use of medieval building foundations. 
At the center of the Mediterranean, Rome has long been a jumping off point for travellers, making it a relevant laboratory for questions of global migration and climate change. It is also conveniently connected to countless places you might want to visit.
Whatever you choose to study here, your experience in Rome will help you craft your career and enrich your life.

Program in a Nutshell

The Rome Program is right for you if you want an academically rigorous and engaging study-abroad experience in one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

What’s Included?

3 courses (10 credits) with top faculty
Comfortable and safe housing
Arrival and departure transfers, local transit pass
Multiple program excursions including lodging, transportation and most meals
Welcome and Farewell Dinners
Student services support


Instructional Fees$6,100
Other Local Fees$1,600
Housing Costs$2,200
These prices are just a starting point. Contact your college or university to determine availability of financial aid, scholarships, and other benefits that might reduce your cost.

How to Apply

Application is simple.

  1. Create an account on TBI website
  2. Fill out our short application form with no commitment
  3. If accepted we will help you provide other basic information and documents
  4. Enroll and begin your Rome experience

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